PAM On-Demand PAC management capabilities seamlessly integrates back-office payroll deduction functionality into your front office. As a result, your organization is able to effectively manage the receipts, disbursement, and compliance reports.


FEC and State filings - Streamlines your process of creating, validating, and filing FEC and state reports and saves your report to portable document format (PDF).

Limit Checking - Checks both receipts and disbursements including affiliated PACs against current contribution limits in real time.

Data Quality Management - Maintaining data quality is critical, especially when the information in question has to do with compliance and communication. PAM on-demand provides double validation feedback for required fields or conditionally required fields as they are entered.

Paperless Check Request Process - Input and transmit a check request to Disbursement Control electronically in excel or PDF format.

Payroll Deduction Integration - Simplifies payroll deduction process and upload the payroll deduction file directly to PAM on-demand.

Automatic Receipt Population - Provides automated receipt population when electronic payroll deduction file is unavailable.

Individual Contribution Tracking - Tracks individual contributions to candidates directly.

Budget & Planning - Provides budget tracking at both the state and district levels.

Account Reconciliation - Helps track check cleared date, monitor outstanding checks and bank balance.

Multi-campaign information - Provides effective historical data tracking for candidates who run multiple campaigns.

Multi-PAC Management - Helps your organization manage multiple PACs and affiliated PACs.

Report - Provides various detailed listings of receipts and disbursements tied to officials and advocates in PDF, Word, and Excel format. Additional custom reports are available upon request.

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