PAM On-Demand Government Relations Management provides capabilities for managers to get an end-to-end, 360-degree view of individual's official portfolio, contribution level, candidates portfolio, issues, legislation, and communication, so government affairs managers can be confident their team is producing at their full capacity.


Official Portfolio - Provides complete portfolio-based page layout to display related campaign committees, issues, events, relationships, communications, sponsored bills in one  page.

Contribution Summary portfolio - Instantly produce a historical contribution summary by election type and election year for each legislator or legislator's related campaign committees in PDF format.

Quick link sponsored bills - Quick link to view sponsored bills from the Library of Congress in real-time.

Communication Summary - List historical related communication with officials.

Who knows whom - Track and list relationship between officials and your advocates for effective grassroots.

Third Party Data - Custom integration with your preferred data vendor for comprehensive business insight.

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