PAM On-Demand Community Relations Management is designed to be used as independent software or as part of your public affairs solutions to help you manage, budget, and monitor your charitable foundation.


Organization Portfolio - Display comprehensive portfolio view of organization-related grant transactions, matching gifts, volunteers, and communications.

Charitable Grants - Manages charitable grant information and organized by category and budget source.

Paperless Check Request Process - Input and transmit a check request to Disbursement Control electronically in excel or PDF format.

Print Check - Print customized checks individually or in batch mode directly from the system.

Payroll Deduction Integration - Simplifies payroll deduction process and upload the payroll deduction file directly to PAM on-demand.

Budget & Planning - Provides budget tracking by user defined category and budget source.

Account Reconciliation - Helps track check cleared date, monitor outstanding checks and bank balance.
Report - Provides  detailed report on various financial transaction tied to officials and advocates in PDF, Word, and Excel formats. Additional custom reports are available upon request.

Analysis Summary - Provides various budget vs. actual report to non-profit organizations in PDF, Word, and Excel format. Additional custom reports are available upon request.

Data Quality Management Maintaining data quality is critical, especially when the information in question has to do with compliance and communication. PAM on-demand provides double validation feedback for required fields or conditionally required fields as they are entered.


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