PAM On-Demand Community Relations Management is designed to be used as independent software or as part of your public affairs solutions to help you manage employee donors, volunteers, activists, community leaders, email lists and more – all in one place.


Contact Management - Provides a comprehensive view of members, donors, volunteers, activists, community leaders, and organizations in one integrated database.

Data Quality Management - Maintaining data quality is critical, especially when the information in question has to do with compliance and communication. PAM on-demand provides double validation feedback for required fields or conditionally required fields as they are entered.

Communication Summary - List historical related communications with donors, community leaders, or activists.

Who knows whom - Track and list relationship in your community for effective grassroots.

Activity Tracking - Track your employees or members' participation in various activities.

Report - Provides listings of community leaders, members, or employees in PDF, Word, and Excel format. Additional custom reports are available upon request.

Third Party Data - Custom integration with your preferred data vendor for comprehensive business insight.

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